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Your Business Success Depends on Action, Not More Information

I’m currently reading “The Irrational Entrepreneur – The Real Reason 9 of 10 Small Firms Fail & How Yours Can Flourish”, by Jon D. Lowry.

I’ve only read four chapters so far, but I wanted to share a couple of quotes from the book, because I thought they were so “spot-on”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how most of my clients, and most of the people I know, are on information overload. They have trouble managing all of the information coming at them on a regular basis. Yet, they still seek out more information. While the internet is a modern miracle with tremendous value, it has compounded this problem many times over and most people can barely stay on top of their email, let alone all the other sources of information coming their way.

Lowry reminds us that most small businesses fail and makes a strong argument that small businesses are failing not because of lack of knowledge about what to do, but because of a lack of consistent and effective decision-making and follow-through. On page 41 he summed it up nicely:

“… We are a very immature culture, one that is seemingly losing maturity with each passing decade. One symptom of our immaturity is our need for instant gratification. We’ll change or modify our undesired behaviors so long as it doesn’t require more than a few days of effort and attention. Like children, we need a quick fix. Our unwillingness to devote the required time results in a focus on symptoms rather than causes. If a particular self-help or diet book fails, we continue our search for the one that will eventually solve our problem. We frequently rationalize and blame others or the situation – or both. Once others or the situation change, we will be able to change. Now is almost always a bad time to work on modifying our behavior – later should be an excellent time …”

This addiction to more information, and putting off making the behavioral changes we already know we need to make until a more convenient time, is a major time waster and distraction. It contributes to the feeling of overwhelm that many small business owners experience on a regular basis.

On the next page, Lowry tells us – “…now for the very good news: there are some programs aimed at modifying our behavior that have shown a respectable level of success, and they share a common feature. Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers, personal exercise trainers, longer-term business coaches, and similar all depend on someone or some group who is supporting us and holding us accountable for however long it takes. And however long it takes is never a few days or weeks. New research concludes we must rewire our brain.”

I agree with Lowry – Programs that include both inspiring information and a long-term accountability structure to support sustained tangible action are what actually work in the real world.

Weekend seminars, books, and short-term classes, can sometimes provide inspiration and useful information, but without follow-through support, these programs rarely produce the intended result.

This is why I offer a year-long life and business coaching program. Many of my clients have worked with me for two years, three years, and longer. They have grown new successful businesses in that time, doubled and tripled profits of already viable businesses, and created powerful changes in their health, relationships, lifestyles and emotional well-being. None of these changes happened overnight. I don’t have a magic formula. I’m not selling “secrets” like so many of the self-help gurus and coaches claim. I’m just providing a practical information and a solid accountability structure which has been proven to work.

Sorry, there is no quick fix.

Ryan Eliason is a professional life and business coach with a proven track record of business success. His socially conscious business clients have frequently doubled or tripled their incomes, increased their positive impact, and simultaneously improved their lifestyles. Download your FREE audio seminar and workbook on How To Have The Best Year of Your Business and Your Life and feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and post a comment below.

Ryan Eliason posted at 2009-8-18 Category: Business Success
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