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Mindset of an Extremely Successful Business Owner

In this 60 minute interview, entrepreneur and internet marketer Greg Vinson interviews me on the mindset and specific success strategies that have empowered my clients and I to grow lucrative businesses and enjoy high-quality lifestyles.

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Time Management

What are the top tips most people don’t apply and would be better off using?
• How to apply the 80/20 rule to prioritize and focus on what will produce the biggest results.
• Doing the most important tasks first, even if they are the tasks you like least.
• How to create clear objectives/goals/targets.

Delegation to Grow Your Business and Balance Your Life
What are the best ways to decide on what tasks to delegate, and how can people get started outsourcing?
• When to start outsourcing. Most people error on the side of not outsourcing early enough.
• Delegate mundane tasks to free your time for more strategic tasks to grow your business.

How I Created A Business That Empowers Me To Live and Work From Anywhere In The World
What is the mindset and business design that have given me the freedom to live and work anywhere?
• I’ve spent the last several months enjoying Thailand and Bali.

How To Engage Your Bigger Vision
What’s the distinction in the mindset between someone who follows through and someone who gets overwhelmed and held back?
• Most people procrastinate making critical changes in their lives and businesses out of fear and doubt.
• There is never a convenient time to engage your bigger vision and make big changes.
• Don’t let your excuses stop you.
• The power of decision. The strategy of making commitment before you know “how” you’re doing to produce the result you want.
• Choosing to have faith, and choosing to be confident.

Shifting from Fear To Confidence
What helps people make the shift from the fearful mindset of always looking at the worst possible outcome to the excitement of surfing the wave of possibility and taking action?
• Thinking outside of the “just survive” mentality that dominates the current economic climate.
• Focusing on what’s possible.

Creating Business and Life Balance
Do you really know who you are and what fulfills you?
• It’s not about “time management”. It’s about honoring your values.

The Power of Accountability Structures
How do accountability structures help small business owners reach their potential?
• The power of personal coaching, accountability buddies, mastermind groups, or some other type of external source to keep us on track.

Listen To The Interview

Download The MP3

Ryan Eliason is a professional life and business coach with a proven track record of business success. His socially conscious business clients have frequently doubled or tripled their incomes, increased their positive impact, and simultaneously improved their lifestyles. Download your FREE audio seminar and workbook on How To Have The Best Year of Your Business and Your Life and feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and post a comment below.

Ryan Eliason posted at 2010-2-20 Category: Business Success, Free Audio Downloads, Lifestyle Design
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