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Client Attraction Mind Map

I’ve been working with some of my business coaching clients recently on creating a mind map of their sales and marketing activities for the purpose of brainstorming new ideas, clarifying priorities, learning to hold it all without getting overwhelmed, and seeing how all the pieces fit together.

At this link you will find a mind map with the central purpose of “Efficiently Attracting and Retaining Plenty of Clients”. You might want to create something similar. If you like this idea, and you would like my support, let me know.

While I did this one using MS Word, and there are many software programs for mind-mapping out there, I recommend keeping it simple, and using paper and pen or pencil. If you want my input, you can fax your map to me at: (831) 536-1778.

When you look at the attached map, you will see that it is by no means complete. A mind map is only limited by your creativity. Once an overview map like this one is created, it would make sense to take the best ideas, and make another map to break those ideas down into smaller chunks.

I hope this helps.

Click on image to download mind map


This mind map covers the following:

  • Attracting New Prospects – Social Networking, Web Page Conversions, Tracking Conversations, Organic SEO, Pay Per Click, Yelp, Blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Networking Events and Networking Groups, Open House or Tour, Free Event, Joint Ventures, Presentations, Speaking, Teleclass Interviews, Generating Referrals, Rewarding Referral Sources, Gift Certificate, Asking for Referrals
  • Building Relationships with Prospects & Sources – Ask What They Need, Customer Survey, Contact Management System, Email Newsletter, Birthday Cards, Success Stories or Testimonials, Free Resources
  • Scheduling Initial Meetings or Sales Presentations – Email & Phone Invitations, Compelling Value, Calendar of Available Slots, Online Scheduler, Numbers Game
  • Conversion to Paid Clients (Sales) – Track Conversions, Compelling Offer, Emphasize Value – Not Process, Powerful Initial Consultation, Connect and Relate, Pre-Meeting Client Preparation, Ask for the Business, Handle Common Objections, Follow-up
  • Retention & Repeat Business – Provide Unexpected Value, Appreciation & Acknowledgment, Programs and Packages, Feedback and Evaluation, Advanced Level Programs and Continuity Programs, Celebration

Ryan Eliason is a professional life and business coach with a proven track record of business success. His socially conscious business clients have frequently doubled or tripled their incomes, increased their positive impact, and simultaneously improved their lifestyles. Download your FREE audio seminar and workbook on How To Have The Best Year of Your Business and Your Life and feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and post a comment below.

Ryan Eliason posted at 2010-5-17 Category: Business Success
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